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Travis Nembhard

Travis Nembhard

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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"As the father of two young children, my personal experiences as a parent motivate me to lighten the burden for other working families. According to a recent report by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, Virginia ranks 32nd in cost of living. We need to take measures that will help to preserve the earning power of Virginians and Americans broadly by lowering everyday costs experienced. It’s not sufficient to simply call for a one-time tax cut, families need savings that will help their bottom line on a monthly basis."

Fundamental Rights

"MAGA Republicans are attempting to scale back our freedom and further harm our nation’s most vulnerable populations. I will work to stop any actions that would make it harder to vote, reduce access to reproductive rights, or otherwise violate the principles of equal protection for all Americans."

Building a Brighter Future

"As a tech regulator in our nation’s capital, I would become the first member of Congress with direct experience regulating emerging technologies. I intend to lead the charge to usher in a new generation of laws meant to promote safe and ethical technological advancements."


"As the husband of a Virginia public school teacher, I know firsthand about the challenges our educators experience. Moreover, we have seen a record number of provisional licenses — short-term licenses granted for teachers who have not met all state requirements — being issued to stave off the ongoing teacher shortages plaguing schools. This is largely due to low wages, increased workloads with fewer resources, and a politicized school environment. The teacher shortage has implications for our schools, and by extension, our students."

Affordable Healthcare

"Everyone deserves access to quality health care irrespective of their race, ethnicity, income level, location, or insurance provider."

Local Infrastructure

"As a Virginian who commutes regularly to D.C., I know firsthand the challenges around high density population and the headache of driving on I-66 during rush hour, and deciding between backed-up traffic or expensive tolls. I will work to invest in initiatives that expand support for local infrastructure development."

Travis Nembhard

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Travis Nembhard

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