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Mark Leighton

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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The Economy

"The cost of living has gone through the roof. Inflation is hurting all of us with the high cost of everything from essentials to entertainment. Why has it gotten so bad? The Federal Reserve caused inflation with its monetary policies. The Federal Reserve dumped $3 trillion - yes, trillion - dollars into the economy within a few months during the COVID crisis. Of course that is the main cause of inflation."

Health Care

"The cost of health care in the United States is far more than in other similar countries around the world. This endless price inflation is straining peoples' budget to the breaking point. There are heartrending stories of families being driven to homelessness due to the overwhelming cost of medical care. Does anyone think this is the best way to run a health care system? "


"College tuition is way too high, and it's only going up. Compared with regular prices, college tuition has gone up far higher and far faster over the past decades. That especially matters here in Virginia's 10th district because over have the people here have at least a college degree, and many have advanced ones. Do you want your children to be saddled with enormous debts after they graduate? We need to reduce the costs of tuition. A main reason for tuition inflation is what the colleges feel they can get away with charging. And they can charge a lot, because they know federal student loans are available for anyone. It's time to use these loans to get the colleges to rein in their costs."

Reproductive Rights

"Abortion is such a divisive issue in our politics. We have been arguing with each other about reproductive rights for far too long. It is a leading example of the divisiveness we face and the anger that people feel towards politics. I think voters here in the 10th district are especially sick of it. It's why my campaign slogan is, "Let's Get Things Done," to finally end the shouting and focus on finding a way out of this endless argument."

Military and Foreign Policy

"America is a force for good in the world. Our country stands up for democracy and human rights around the world. We gain a lot of our global influence by being considered the "good guys." Our behavior hasn't always been perfect, but in America we can discuss our actions and work to do better, which is not true in a lot of countries that criticize us."

The Environment & Energy

"We are stewards of the Earth, and we must leave it as good or better than when we found it. People in the 10th district are well aware of the beauty of nature and the outdoors. We have some of the loveliest spaces in the country here, and I want to make sure they are protected so future generations can enjoy them too. Climate change is real and getting worse. It's depressing to think how long we've been warned about the coming effects of climate change. Those effects are becoming more and more severe, from wildfires to hurricanes to drought to heat waves. My campaign slogan is, "Let's Get Things Done," and I vow to start addressing these issues and stop postponing them."

Crime and Safety

"Crime is getting worse in this area. As sad as it is to say, I suspect many voters in the 10th district have been affected by crime personally, or have a friend or family member who has. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to you if you have. I too have experienced crime firsthand, and witnessed some awful things as well. It's a terrible thing to experience, and I want to do something to stop it from happening."


"It's gotten far too expensive to buy a house. I recently bought a home and so I know what it's like out there for buyers looking to find something affordable. The lack of affordable housing has a long-term negative impact, as families end up having to rent longer than they planned to, and they have to make do with smaller spaces that aren't the best for their children's development. The 10th district is especially hard hit because it's so close to Washington, DC and there is so much competiton for good homes. "


"Everyone can see our immigration system is broken. This issue has been around for a long time. The 10th district is one of the most diverse places around, and this issue especially impacts voters here.It's time for both sides to sit down and work out a solution. I think the broad outlines of a way out of our immigration impasse are becoming more and more clear. As a Democrat I am very supportive of immigration, and believe our country is enriched with more diversity. But I also think any immigrant who comes here should follow the rules. Many earlier immigrants who came here and are now citizens agree with that. So let's have a fair solution that welcomes people but doesn't allow anyone to take advantage."


"Everyone who lives in the 10th district knows that traffic is a big problem. No one likes sitting in traffic while trying to get to work on time. No one likes the time wasted driving around while doing errands, visiting family, or getting to school and sports events. I drive on I-66 every day so I know what it's like, just like many of you do. The good news is this issue has a lot of attention, and I will help keep it that way. "

Voting Rights

"Democracy is the foundation of our country and the reason for our success. America's dedication to democracy has enabled it to become the greatest and most powerful country on Earth. We must never allow anything to damage that dedication or threaten our system of government. After the sad events of the election of 2020 and its aftermath, it's clear that we need to have rules in place that we can all agree with and have trust in, so everyone can have faith in elections whether their candidate wins or loses. It's especially important in the 10th district, which is so closely divided between parties."

Mark Leighton

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Mark Leighton

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