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Scott Parkinson

Running for: Senate |
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"Scott Parkinson is a Christian, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, and conservative Virginian. He has lived in Arlington with his wife and growing family since 2009."

Experience & Working with Ron DeSantis

"Scott has 18 years experience taking on the swamp to advance the conservative movement, working for three United States Senators before serving as the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee. In 2018, Scott was Representative Ron DeSantis’ Chief of Staff while DeSantis successfully won the Governor race in Florida. After serving as DeSantis’ deputy executive director of his Gubernatorial transition team in Tallahassee, Scott joined the Club for Growth as Vice President of Government Affairs, where he has advocated for economic freedom, opportunity, and liberty."

Tim Kaine & Joe Biden

"Over the last three years, politicians like Tim Kaine and Joe Biden have waged an outright war on the Middle Class through skyrocketing inflation, locking parents out of classrooms, and letting crime run rampant in our communities. Tim Kaine has been on the ballot 9 times, held elected office for almost 30 years, and enabled these out-of-touch policies by voting with Bernie Sanders 94% of the time. That’s why Virginia deserves an honest leader like Scott Parkinson who will fight for term limits on Members of Congress."

Middle Class Warrior

"Scott will be a warrior for the middle class, honing in on the fiscal insanity in Washington, championing economic growth policies, defending parental rights in education, and restoring public safety on our streets. Scott will fight for parents’ rights, veterans’ benefits against the bureaucracy, and senior citizens against Leftist radicals that want to end Medicare as we know it. "

Scott Parkinson

Running for: Senate |
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Scott Parkinson

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