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Hung Cao

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Border Security

"What is happening at our southern border with Mexico is an invasion. Not only have Joe Biden and Tim Kaine allowed millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country, they have also allowed in a flood of drugs like fentanyl that are killing Americans in record numbers every single day."


"The hyper-focus on race and gender is destroying years of work that ensured equal opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, sex, and religion. Diversity of thought and experience, not racial quotas, are the foundations for success and should be the priority for every business that seeks to push innovation and develop new technologies."


"America is more than a country; it was a place of unlimited opportunity birthed by the promise of individual liberty. Here, anyone could come from nothing and achieve everything. But those opportunities have been threatened by politicians who threaten our prosperity with burdensome regulations that cripple small businesses."


"My parents wanted me to achieve more than they had. I want my kids to be able to exceed my accomplishments. Every American wants the next generation to be more successful than their own. Education is a gateway to success, but not just a college education. We should encourage students at every level to learn a skilled trade or attend a vocational school. We need to remove the stigma of not attending a four-year college."

Election Integrity

"We demand election integrity. We cannot have a democratic republic if we cannot trust the legitimacy of our elections. When I served in Iraq and Afghanistan, we helped conduct free and fair elections with nothing more than your finger and blue ink. If we can have secure, honest elections in Iraq and Afghanistan, we had better be able to have them in America as well. If you can show an ID to go to a movie theater, you had better be required to show an ID to vote. It should be easy to vote, hard to cheat, and open for all to see."


"We should always be a good steward of the Earth that God provided. American energy producers have the cleanest practices in the world, yet the Biden-Kaine administration continues to punish our domestic energy industry and force an American dependence on unclean foreign energy sources. The American mining industry follows regulations and focuses on protecting the land they mine. The Biden-Kaine administration punishes this industry and forces an American dependence on foreign mining that utilizes unclean practices and slave labor. We depend on Iran, Venezuela, and Russia for our energy. We should not be dependent on countries that have made it their mission to kill us."

Foreign Policy

"The four levers of national power are Diplomacy, Information, Military and Economy (DIME). The Military is the last resort when all else fails. The Biden administration has been feckless in all aspects of DIME and now we need a strong military to keep pace with countries that could threaten our national security. That means developing new technologies in order to remain competitive."


"The Constitution is clear regarding the Second Amendment. I will always protect the right to self-defense. The Left demands we not believe the accounts of rising violence in American cities. Americans know the places that have the most gun violence are the places that have the strictest gun control laws. The Left is playing a dangerous game with Americans lives. They believe soft-on-crime laws play to their base while callously leaving law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves. We must send a strong message to violent offenders. Gun-related violence must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law must be held accountable."


"In the most powerful country in the world, rationing has no place in our society, yet it is happening under the cover of darkness. Most Americans are unaware several types of medication including antibiotics, cancer therapy, and pain medication are now unavailable at their local pharmacy. We must reevaluate our dependence on raw ingredients specifically from China and India which are vital to the manufacturing of prescription drugs. Doctors are now rationing drugs because they have become unavailable or are in short supply. Not only has the Biden Administration failed to make the public aware, but the possibility of a prescription drug crisis looms without measures to ensure sick Americans have what they need to survive. "

Our Democracy

"Let’s address the elephant in the room. Most Americans believe what happened to President Trump was politically motivated. It’s the weaponization of the Justice Department and the basis of a banana republic. Since 2016, we have wasted $32 million (and counting) of taxpayer money on one fruitless investigation to the next. As a child in West Africa, I grew up with first-hand knowledge of corrupt, dictatorial regimes. I never thought I would see these same tactics here in America."

Right to Life

"I am pro-life. Make no mistake: the right to life is one of the biggest differences between me and Tim Kaine. I am the father of five children, and I spent a lifetime fighting for all Americans. Tim Kaine believes abortion should be legal until and including the moment of birth. Tim Kaine co-sponsored Senate Bill 1645 which banned our local, elected government from placing any limitation or restriction on abortion, including late-term abortions even at the moment of birth. Tim Kaine and his fellow politicians are extreme and uncompromising on this issue. Kaine has a perfect 100% rating by pro-abortion activists. He is out of line and out-of-touch with the majority of Virginians, including Democrats."

Social Security & Medicare

"Americans paid into Social Security and trusted that our government would fulfill its promises. People like my mom, who has paid into Social Security and Medicare for fifty years, are at risk of not being paid what they are owed. As United States Senator, I will protect Social Security and Medicare. The reason why Social Security and Medicare are in danger is because politicians and bureaucrats raided those programs for their pet projects."


"Our military deserves to have every tool at its disposal to fulfill their primary mission to protect and defend our nation. I served in the United States Navy for twenty-five years, with combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. It takes a military veteran to truly understand the needs of our active duty and retired servicemembers. Our men and women in uniform deserve to have a Commander-in-Chief and Congress which supports their efforts across the globe."

Hung Cao

Running for: Senate |
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Hung Cao

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