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Gwendolyn Hickman

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Meet Gwen

"Gwen is committed to breaking the cycle of reactionary crisis management by proactively addressing long-standing issues. She believes in treating each other with respect, ending hate, violence, and discrimination in our society. Gwen's mission is to foster unity by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together and finding solutions that work for the common good. Her love for our country and commitment to core American values will drive her to fight tirelessly for the people of Virginia. Trust in her experience, dedication, and passion to make a difference for our state. Vote for Gwen Hickman and let her be your voice in the U.S. Senate."

Economic Growth

"Inflation is hurting hard-working Americans, and it is critical that we put policies in place to restore economic stability in our country and prioritize American workers. We need stricter oversight around financial institutions to guarantee that Virginians' hard earned savings and investments are safe. I also support policies that continue to help small businesses as they are the core of the American economy. As the owner of a law firm, I understand the difficulties that small businesses face, and I will support policies that promote small business growth, job creation, and reduce taxes on American consumers where possible."


"Education is a top priority to ensure the prosperity of individuals and the success of the Nation’s future. I will make sure that parents have a voice in shaping the policies and practices that govern their child's education, and support legislation that expands school choice to meet the unique needs of children, and that core subject areas are emphasized in a curriculum critical to student success. ​"

National Security

"I am an advocate of prioritizing American interests, and that includes ensuring a strong national defense and imposing sanctions against countries that pose a threat to American security. Given the rapid advancements in technology, it is imperative that we remain at the forefront of investing in comprehensive measures to protect our nation against the ever-evolving threats of terrorism, cyber attacks, and other malicious forms of aggression."

2nd Amendment

"Gwen supports the​ right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms and believes that responsible gun ownership and the protection of individual liberties are critical to maintaining a safe and free society. She also understands the importance of supporting measures to ensure that firearms do not fall into the hands of those who pose a threat to public safety."


"​Border security is an essential component of our national security, and it is imperative that we uphold a controlled immigration policy. While acknowledging the significant contributions that immigrants make to our economy and cultural landscape, it is essential that individuals seeking entry to our country do so through lawful means, enabling us to proactively plan for their integration into our communities in Virginia. With over three decades of experience as an immigration attorney, I possess the expertise necessary to formulate effective immigration reform policies that will fortify our borders while also ensuring that our nation remains a beacon of hope for those seeking a better life."


"I have helped many clients that have had to deal with tough health circumstances. I know the importance of having a healthcare system that works for the average citizen. I will support paths for affordable, patient-centered healthcare for individuals and small businesses."

Gwendolyn Hickman

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Gwendolyn Hickman

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