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David Kennedy

David Kennedy

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Safe Streets

"We need partnerships between schools, police, the criminal justice system, and the faith community to make our streets safe. Innocent children cannot be shot, carjackings cannot be the norm, and fear can not dominate our lives."

Affordable Housing

"This hectic world requires our homes to be sanctuaries for peace and rest. We need a larger supply of safe and affordable housing – partnerships across business, government, nonprofits, and the faith community are the engine."

The Dignity of a Job

"Our jobs should represent the best of America where workers are honored for their contributions to the American economy. Most importantly, our jobs must pay a fair and living wage, which allows Americans to support themselves and their families."


"This combination is the secret sauce that has the potential to make American education the best in the world. Whether learning happens in the public, private, or home school, all of our children deserve the best education possible."

Love & Compassion

"We are people of love and compassion – which means deep care for the Earth and all her residents. Crises around mental illness, opioids, violence, and the climate require we advocate together for policies that protect the Earth and her most vulnerable."

Women's Rights

"Control over one’s reproductive rights is not negotiable and government cannot take this right away. And while we may disagree, let’s at least unite to fight for the best education, healthcare, and housing for all children."

David Kennedy

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David Kennedy

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