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Cameron Hamilton

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |
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Limited Government and Accountability

"Our government should be open and transparent with the people they serve. If given the honor to represent you in Congress, I will live by this. I will be accessible for you to share your opinions and my office will help you address problems and concerns. I will explain in writing every single vote that I cast on your behalf to ensure citizens are not disenfranchised from the actions of their government and elected officials. "

Balance the Budget and Payoff National Debt

"The reckless spending from the current administration and their allies in DC is unsustainable and has led to nearly 20% higher prices across the board since January 2021. We need to balance the budget, pay down our debt, and ensure that we leave our country as strong as possible for our children and grandchildren."

Strengthen Our Military and Serve Our Veterans

"The status of our military under the Biden administration is alarming, as demonstrated by the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and depletion of our munitions due to the war in Ukraine. Our armed forces have historically low recruitment levels, and our military needs to be rebuilt and strengthened immediately. We must always maintain our commitment to the men and women who have served our nation, providing them with the best care and benefits for the debt our nation owes them."

Protect Our Border

"As a division director at Homeland Security, I saw firsthand the horrible state of our southern border under the current administration. Border crossings have recently set records and people from every country in the world are flying to Central America to walk across our border, leading to the massive infusion of drugs and rampant human trafficking. We need to finish the wall, enhance security and fix this broken system."

Protect Individual Rights and Liberty

"I will always vote to protect and strengthen the individual rights and amendments guaranteed in our founding documents. Our Government has enforced unconstitutional mandates, penalized businesses and infringed on the livelihoods of everyday Americans. As a Husband and Father of three, I will defend your liberty, reduce government intrusion and always value the sanctity of human life."

Preserve Farming and Food Infrastructure

"No Farms…No Food. Our farming and food production industries have undergone significant strain in recent years due to political influence, over regulation and focus on unreasonable climate initiatives at the expense of farmers’ true needs. It is the obligation of a responsible public to ensure that our farmers are not forgotten and that farmers and growers are supported in preserving our food supply."

Provide a World Class Education for our Children

"Children must come first when educating our future generations. In recent years we have seen propaganda replace learning and development in too many classrooms, and our children have suffered because of it. We need to remove politics and propaganda from our schools, reduce or eliminate federal involvement and ensure that children receive the world-class education that our nation is capable of. "

Supporting our First Responders and Keeping our Communities Safe

"As a division director of EMS at Homeland Security, my job was to provide support to our first responders across the country. Unfortunately, many elected officials today have abandoned our First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers. They are the bed rock of providing safe communities for our families to live in. In Congress, I will always support our law enforcement and first responders with the respect and gratitude they deserve."

Cameron Hamilton

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |
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Cameron Hamilton

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