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Bob Good

Current Position: U.S. House (District 5)
Running for: House of Representatives |
District 5 |
Money Raised

Law & Order

"It is imperative that our law enforcement officers have access to the best training and technology available. Our communities are safer when our law enforcement departments are funded and new technologies are implemented. I am committed to working with local, state, and federal officers and authorities to maintain and improve their cooperative efforts to reduce violent crime, fight human trafficking, and defeat the drug cartels."


"I support economic policies of low taxes, deregulation, affordable plentiful energy produced in America, and fair trade and I will advocate for legislation that focuses on these as the key economic drivers of our economy. I am committed to policy initiatives that maintain and grow American jobs for American workers."


"I believe it is the role of the Federal government to protect American jobs for American workers, to secure our borders including the building of a wall on our southern border, and to strengthen our immigration system by enforcing our laws, eliminating illegal immigration, and ensuring that legal immigration meets our needs as a nation. I support a merit-based system where immigration is granted to those based on our economic needs, including industries like agriculture right here in the 5th District."


"Protecting those who cannot protect themselves is one of the most important roles of government, and that includes precious innocent life in the womb. I am unashamedly 100% pro-life from the moment of conception, without exception, and will always strongly support legislation that protects all life in the womb."

2nd Amendment

"I unashamedly support and defend our God-given and Constitutional right found in the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms, along with the other rights found in the Bill of Rights, is fundamental to the foundation of America. Without the right of self-protection, tyranny is left unchecked and government encroachment on individual rights ensues."

Rural Broadband Internet

"I do not believe it is the government’s role to be the provider of internet services, but government does have a role to play. Government can and should provide incentives, such as tax breaks and specialized grants, to bring private industry into rural areas that are traditionally unprofitable for businesses alone to expand infrastructure. Facilitating federal grants for broadband expansion will allow companies to expand more rapidly into our underserved rural areas."


"The U.S. oil, gas, and electric markets must be run by private industry with limited government intrusion. I am fully supportive of new and alternative energy technology and production. However, these should be developed in the free market and not in the vacuum of big government. Capitalism is the answer to reliable and sustainable energy."

Bob Good

Current Position: U.S. House (District 5)
Running for: House of Representatives |
District 5 |
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Bob Good

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