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Rhoda Taylor-Young

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Community Engagement and Transparency

"Fostering a robust connection with the community through regular, open dialogues, town halls, and digital platforms ensures active participation and informed citizenry. By prioritizing transparency, the campaign aims to build trust, ensuring that government actions and decisions are made openly and with public input, reinforcing accountability at every level."

Local Economic Empowerment

"A commitment to nurturing the local economy through targeted support for small businesses, encouragement of entrepreneurial ventures, and the creation of job opportunities that leverage the unique strengths of the community. Initiatives would focus on upskilling the workforce, providing resources for innovation, and creating a business-friendly environment that stimulates local investment and growth. Join us in our mission to create lasting social and economic change in Portsmouth, Virginia."

Healthcare Access and Affordability

"Advocating for expanded healthcare access ensures all community members receive the medical services they need, with a focus on preventive care, reducing long-term health costs, and improving overall public health outcomes. Efforts to make healthcare more affordable will involve addressing systemic cost drivers, enhancing efficiency, and increasing funding for community health programs."

Education and Youth Programs

"The campaign emphasizes enriching the educational landscape by fully integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) disciplines, fostering a generation equipped with diverse skills and innovative thinking. Enhanced funding for schools, after-school programs, and community centers aims to create inclusive, stimulating environments where young minds thrive and prepare for future challenges."

Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

"Strengthening community safety through comprehensive strategies that combine effective law enforcement with community engagement and preventive measures. The focus on criminal justice reform advocates for equitable treatment, rehabilitation opportunities, and a reduction in recidivism, aiming to foster a justice system that upholds fairness and community trust."

Infrastructure and Public Services

"Championing the modernization of infrastructure to meet contemporary needs and future challenges, ensuring that investments in public utilities, transportation, and technological networks enhance residents’ quality of life. Sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects are pivotal, aiming to create efficient, reliable services that support the community’s wellbeing and economic vitality."

Rhoda Taylor-Young

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Rhoda Taylor-Young

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