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Joann McDermid

Running for: School Board |
District White Hall |
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Academic Accountability

"It is not good enough for the School Board to endorse a mission where the District “will know every student”…at the same time as student after student advances grade levels or even graduates with insufficient academic foundations to succeed beyond school. "

Balance Budget Appropriations

"As a School Board member, the public is entrusting me to carefully review and, if, and only if appropriate, approve the District Superintendent’s budget proposal. If necessary, I will seek independent accounting advice to guide my decisions."

Community-Derived Policy Input

"Some people believe the order of school business is: 1) The School Board create policies, 2) The District Superintendent operationalizes policies with procedures for day-to-day running of the system; 3) The individual schools communicate the policies and procedures for the students, parents and communities to accept and follow. Instead, I believe that good policy must start with and be derived the perspectives of the White Hall District community constituents."

Board Policy Audit

"Audit existing School Board policy with ABC in mind (Academic Accountability, Balanced Budget Appropriations, Community-Derived Policy Input). After this comprehensive review, I will prioritize my efforts and begin working to improve existing policies or to develop new policy as needed. "

Scrutinize Budget

"Scrutinize the 2024-25 District Superintendent Budget proposal (that coincides with the start of my term in January 2024), with an aim to funding the ‘mandatory’ and ‘justifiable’ needs, and negotiating the ‘wants’ to ensure the budget funds academic accountability but not unjustifiable expenditures. "

Establish Community Conduit

"Establish a White Hall District Community Advisory Council that I will engage with throughout my term of office. This Council would be a conduit to grassroots community policy perspectives and guidance. Membership might include small business owners who employ current students and recent graduates, parents and grandparents of current students and recent graduates, higher education professionals who educate current dual-credit students or recent graduates in local community and technical centers and universities, and retirees who have accumulated a lifetime of wisdom (and arguably earned the right to tell it like it is)!"

Joann McDermid

Running for: School Board |
District White Hall |
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Joann McDermid

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