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Bradley Rykal

Running for: Board of Supervisors |
District White Hall |
Money Raised

Infrastructure Before Growth

"Citizens of Crozet deserve more than empty promises where essential projects like bridges, parks, and sidewalks are concerned. It's time for new leadership to take action and overcome obstacles to deliver badly needed infrastructure to our community. I will drill into the budget to ensure we halt the bureaucratic bloat and deliver on promised investments without increasing taxes."

Rural Preservation

"I'm 100% in support of the Land Use program. Let's ensure it is always there for those who qualify. White Hall's rural area farms face the pressure of mounting tax bills and calls to further expand the Crozet growth area. I will work tirelessly to support local farms by protecting the Land Use program, looking for ways to reduce their overall tax burden, and removing any counter-productive bureaucratic barriers to their financial health. Thriving farms are a crucial part of Albemarle's economy."

Pro Local Business

"The citizens of White Hall recognize the immense value of fostering a business-friendly environment in our area. Streamlining the process for entrepreneurs to start businesses not only enhances our lifestyle but also fuels commerce and relieves the burden of personal taxes."

Bradley Rykal

Running for: Board of Supervisors |
District White Hall |
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Bradley Rykal

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