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Ann Mallek

Running for: Board of Supervisors |
District White Hall |
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Protecting Natural Resources

"Albemarle citizens have prioritized clean air, water quality, and protection of natural resources and biodiversity. Information I bring from the Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) of the EPA makes funding opportunities and technical assistance available to Albemarle; Continued to lead the ongoing effort to strengthen the water protection ordinance and re-establish buffers to protect our streams and rivers. In 2021-2023 supported the development of the stream overlay district; Successfully worked to open the County’s solid waste facility at the Ivy transfer station; support the completed Keene convenience center and a northern center to come."

Climate Change

"It is no surprise to anyone that our rain storms are more ferocious, our heat or drought or freeze or blizzards are all more extreme. Albemarle County local government must plan for adaptation of operations and to assist citizens to become more resilient. Our survival depends on this work. The Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP) was an effort begun in 2011 by the County of Albemarle, the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia to work collaboratively with a large group of business leaders and environmental groups on the regional topic of energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. 12 years later the three jurisdictions are taking action based on the adaptation and resiliency recommendations of the plan."

Emerging Chemicals – Safety and Regulation – PFAS

"My work on the EPA Local Government Advisory Committee and its three subcommittees, air and climate, water quality, and emerging chemicals has educated me on the federal decision process and ways to access technical assistance and funding for Albemarle. The Healthy Communities workgroup has focused on emerging chemicals in process for upcoming federal regulation. The priority focus in 2021-2022 has been the PFOA PFAS family of chemicals which have been found to have serious health risks for humans and the environment. These chemicals are all around us and great care must be taken to avoid them in everyday life."

Parks and Recreation

"The mission of the parks and recreation department is to provide a unique system of parks, trails, and recreational experiences, while being superior stewards of the environment. During Covid closures, users of the trail systems and passive outdoor experiences soared from 1 million total users (including sports teams) to more than 2 million trail and open park users. This increase indicates a need to prioritize individual and family users of our public spaces. A balance has not been achieved in the past, as team sports users have dominated the public spaces and the money spent. Creating urban green spaces, small parks on open lots, and improved shade canopy along urban streets are all important ways the County can create better recreation opportunities and achieve climate change benefits as well."

Data Centers

"Albemarle leadership should address the impacts of potential data centers on our local environment, residents, and economy. We should not leave the issue unaddressed, especially in the comprehensive plan and zoning updates which are in process now. Our topography and limited water resources restrict the ability of the County to host a data center, with 100,000s of square feet of roof impact, large electric and water usage, and few jobs created for the acreage they consume. Counties in northern Virginia are struggling already with the issues related to data centers. Thinking and planning ahead can help Albemarle to avoid confusion and loss of quality of life associated with data centers being proposed in our area."

Comprehensive Plan Update – Place Matters

"2023-2024 will be an important time for all residents to participate fully in the review and adoption of an updated comprehensive plan. Required by state law, the “comp plan” is the backbone for decision making in local government, from the provision of services adopted in the budget, to legislative decisions on changes in land uses, affordable housing, transportation, and all aspects of environmental protection. Every five years since 1982, I have participated in the review. Some years it has been one chapter such as the Rural Areas or historic preservation. The most recent full review was undertaken 2010 to 2015 when the current version was last adopted."

Quality of Life and Public Safety for Rural Area Residents

"I will continue my efforts to enhance public safety on the roadways and in our rural residential areas with road improvements, enforcement for speeding, and investments in public safety officers to enhance community policing. Speeding is the topic of the most concern across the district and has been for 15 years. For the third year, the Board of Supervisors asked the general assembly to permit photo speed cameras with ticketing ability. Implementation of cameras would get the attention of drivers; reducing speed would certainly save lives."

Crozet Community Growth – Roads, Schools, and Affordable Housing

"The first Crozet Master plan was adopted in 2005, before I became a Supervisor. Crozet residents wanted predictability and planning in the face of advancing development. The Crozet Master Plan is still the living guide for development in the growth area, and an updated plan was adopted in fall, 2021. As one might expect in a community where people are committed to their PLACE and NEIGHBORS, the plan revision was not without controversy. Disagreements remain about the levels of density in the Plan and the treatment of greenspaces and waterways."

Promoting Local Farms and our Agricultural Community

"As the operator of a grassfed beef to consumer farm in Albemarle for more than 40 years, I am particularly invested in ensuring that our farms continue to thrive. I have strengthened agriculture and forestry activities County-wide through clarification of by right ability for direct sale to customer and careful management of valuable land use programs."

Enhancing Economic Development in the County

"I have worked to promote growth of local businesses and increase the number of new jobs in the County, while adhering to adopted planning principles and the citizen-generated Comprehensive Plan."

Improving Public Safety

"I have championed increased funding and support for the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, and the volunteer and paid Fire and Rescue Departments. I have worked to protect our combined emergency service system that brings together volunteers and paid staff to keep our community safe."

Preserving the History of Albemarle’s People and Special Places

"Historic places define and distinguish our community, create connections to our heritage, and as a native of Albemarle County, they hold a special place in my heart."

Ann Mallek

Running for: Board of Supervisors |
District White Hall |
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